Fight Addiction Naturally and Replace the Need

The prescription drug vicodin is made with a combination of the narcotic hydrocodone and the non-narcotic acetaminophen which is also found in over the counters like Tylenol. Vicodin gives a person a euphoric feeling, it relaxes both the physical body and the mind, in addition it relieves pain. But there is another symptom people have been reporting when they use the drug vicodin.Many young people have reported a hyped up state of mind, lots of extra energy and motivation. This seems like a direct contradiction to the “relaxed euphoric feeling” one expects to get. Why then does vicodin leave some people relaxed, euphoric, and motivated while being full of energy? The answer has recently been discovered. While Vicodin is a narcotic it causes “good feeling” by attaching itself to opioid in the brain it also releases adrenaline causing a person to feel no pain. But we also know that a rush of adrenaline can give one a heightened sense of motivation.This is yet another reason for increased vicodin addictions in the United States. Especially because when one stops taking the drug a terrible feeling of depression and withdrawal as well as exhaustion will occur. Because the lack of the drug mean a lack of chemicals being produced like endorphins.The good news is that the brain and body will naturally produce its own endorphins. Furthermore there are ways to naturally enhance the production of these endorphins. When one uses vicodin to create the “false endorohines” then the brain actually stops producing these endorphins on its own. Causing terrible withdraw without the drug. Withdrawal symptoms include depression, anxiety, uncontrollable crying, dizziness, headache,restless legs, manic state, inability to sleep, heart palpitations, and much more. If one is going to try to stop taking this drug after long time use there is some natural ingredients found in nature that can help aid the brain in jump starting the production of endorphins. In addition, if someone has never taken vicodin but wishes to achieve similar effects of the drug without actually taking a prescription nature has some safe ways to do so.With the right natural ingredients and a discipline routine one can achieve the “feel good endorphins”, “increased motivation”, “substantial pain relief”, “decreased appetite”, “minimized anxiety”, “weight loss”, and more. Nature has a way to utilize the brains natural ability and boost the production of endorphins and adrenaline.The first step in a persons routine should be exercises every single morning ( and not just a short slow walk). The brain will release serious endorphins and release large amounts of adrenaline when strenuous activity is achieved. A long run is the best way to do this (runners high). By doing this in the morning one can jump start the brains endorphin production and make it last throughout the day.The next step would be to eat a very light breakfast. Science has shown that eating less throughout the day not only increases weight loss but will actually keep you mood and keep motivation boosted.Next, one must take a full range of vitamin supplements that include a large amount of fish oils. Fish oils give an energy that is very similar to a “high” as well as sharpening thoughts and reflexes. Beware of cheaper vitamins found in grocery stores as they are not FDA regulated and their is not a substantial amount of effective ingredient in them. Keep in mind there is not “one pill” multi vitamin that can hold enough ingredient to be effective. One must take a combination of supplements to achieve and actual effect.Throughout the day one must hydrate with water staying away from sodas, sugar, and even diet drinks as there is an ingredient in these that actually causes depression. It is highly recommended that one stay on a low sugar low carb diet as sugars can cause “mood swings” and “crashes” in a human being.Again throughout the day (but only before 3pm) a person can drink a healthy diet and energy shot to decrease appetite and keep the brain alert. Drink something that includes acai antioxidants, the Brazilian herb hoodia, green tea, and a small amount of taurine. This has proven to be much more powerful and effective than coffee.In order to maintain this energy and fight oxidation (which is inflammation in the body) one should have a very large amount of exotic fruits, berries, and vegetables twice a day to fight this inflammation. Inflammation causes rapid aging, depression, disease, tiredness, lack of sleep and more. As it is virtually impossible to eat enough of these fruits and vegetable to make a difference one should find a drink that includes all of these powerful antioxidents fruits, berries, and vegetables. The thing to look for on the bottle would be “ORAC Value”. The higher the orac value the more potent and effective the product.When it comes to pain relief instead of using a drug or medication one should try the recent miracle discovery emu oil. Emu oil applied daily relieves long term pain, relaxes muscles in the same way a vicodin would. It also reduces inflammation.After work, one must get at least 20 minutes of direct sunlight if not 45. Afternoon sunlight is safe for the skin and causes the production and release of serotonin. This is what gives us that “feel good” feeling. The same effect as taking a vicodine. To further enhance production (after being In the sun) one should take a supplement of Coral Calcium.In addition to all of these thing one must include a nightly walk and a shot or drink of the new miracle discovery, the ingredient resveratrol (found in skin of grapes). As seen on Oprah, resveratrol reverses aging, gives the brain a rush of substantial energy, is the most powerful antioxidant. and can cause one to live longer as well as boost the production of neurons in the brain. In the short term this will raise ones spirits and give one motivation. In the long run this will prevent the deterioration of the brain (which causes diseases like Alzheimer’s).Follow this routine and use these powerful natural ingredients nature has provided and one will find a vicodin addiction completely unnecessary. Get the “feel good effect” naturally!

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